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I promise I will get you on the first page of Google – Don’t believe them

A call I received last night has prompted me to post this – DO NOT BELIEVE ANYONE TELLING YOU THEY WILL GET YOU ON THE FIRST PAGE OF GOOGLE.

Sorry for the capitals but I can’t stress this enough. Google freely admits that there is no one out there that can guarantee you a spot on the home page – unless of course you pay for an adwords campaign.

The call I got last night was a woman telling me she was from Google and my business had come up on her list as being recommended for first page position and that if I answered a few questions she would then decide to put me there or not.

Well I think by the end of the call she wished she had never dialed my number.

Her first mistake was to say she was from Google. Hello – why on earth would Google be ringing people – they make billions they don’t need to convince people to use them – people just do. Her second mistake was saying I would be on the first page – well that just doesn’t happen. Ok yes I will be on the home page if someone puts into a search “B Creative Graphic Design” but I don’t need people that already know about my business to find me.

What this woman was trying to sell me (if I had let her get two words in) was Adwords and SEO – search engine optimisation. And you will end up paying a fortune. Don’t get conned by the phone calls or emails that I am sure you get several of a day. If you want to know about SEO and if its worth paying extra for someone to do it for you talk to your website designer or builder before doing anything. They have a good understanding of the process and can give you honest advice.

I have nothing against adwords – in fact is a great way to kick off your business – but do your adwords directly with google – there is a number you can call – YES it’s true there is a phone number to google!! – they will help you set up your adwords campaign for FREE. The adwords will cost you but there advice is free – and as long as you put an amount you can afford into the budget of your campaign it can work very well for you.

So in conclusion – ignore emails and phone calls from people promising to get you on the 1st page of google – talk to your website designer or developer first.

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